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Musing About The Web, Cars, and the Web in Cars

One of the things that I have been thinking about lately is the growing tension between tech companies and the Internet service providers: this is playing out publicly with Netflix, which recently agreed to pay a “toll” to Comcast. My question is this: as cars become more connected, will we see an alliance between these large tech companies and car makers coalesce to offset the control that telecommunication companies have over the price we pay and the speed at which we access the Web? Continue reading

One Future of Browsing the Web

To most of us, browsing the Web has been a fairly static experience: Internet connection, monitor, browser. Sure, it’s gotten faster; gone wireless, the monitors are bigger and better, and the browsers are more sophisticated…but it’s still largely the experience. James McCrae, over at the University of Toronto, is looking to change it. While I am not sure that I would dig the experience he is creating, I have to give him props for trying to create something new. Continue reading

Wearable Computing: Shoes, Bloks, and Boards

I have been thinking about¬†Genevieve Bell’s recent statement: “Smartphones only got interesting when people stopped thinking of them as phones.” for the past couple days. This evening, while browsing Reddit, I came across a link to Dominic Wilcox’s “No Place Like Home GPS Shoes.” Now, the shoes definitely remain shoes…but Wilcox’s prototype is interesting in that it put existing technologies into a familiar form with an innovative result.

Continue reading

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little…Nanocopter?

The rapid advance of microcopters is one of those trends that I watch with a certain amount of curiosity and envy. I find them interesting is because, despite their small size, folks are doing interesting things to make them increasingly capable and versatile. As with a lot of the technologies that we look here at Domestitech, the very near future is likely to be an interesting convergence of ancillary and complementary technologies as well as a morass of policy and security concerns. Continue reading