One Future of Browsing the Web

To most of us, browsing the Web has been a fairly static experience: Internet connection, monitor, browser. Sure, it’s gotten faster; gone wireless, the monitors are bigger and better, and the browsers are more sophisticated…but it’s still largely the experience. James McCrae, over at the University of Toronto, is looking to change it. While I am not sure that I would dig the experience he is creating, I have to give him props for trying to create something new.

I came across McCrae’s work through Dan Nosowitz, who wrote “What If Web Browsing Were Like A Virtual Reality Videogame?” over at Fast Company. The video below is a little…dry…but one of the things I appreciate is the use of standard navigation (in this case from video games).

As virtual reality headsets and other means of interacting with exploring online and virtual environments continue to expand, it will be what other user experiences and interfaces people imagine that use the constructs with which we are familiar as points of departure for something different and new.

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